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If you like my stories and want to continue to read them, I will need your help. Every short story needs financial backing to conceive another. The donate to a needy person (me) page keeps this site going and me alive.


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I know perhaps my cry out for you to provide financial help may seem self loathing and pitiful, hence the crybaby violin. Your contribution however is needed and gratefully received. When you pass the hat and bestow and contribute some mula, you ensure the life of this blog. Keeping me alive, keeps these fingers alive … keeps them typing. Shell out and gift me with the mental clarity to keep sharing undistracted as well.

Want to donate to a needy person? Well, I am a needy person, the neediest that I know to date, well, needier than the average American at least. A worthy person? That could be up for debate depending on opinion, outlook, lifestyle, etc. I personally feel I’ve done many good deeds in my own life, helped many strangers and others in need when I’ve had very little for myself or my family, but then, we can save that for blog post stories about my life later, for sure.

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I haven’t had a home since my best friend (wife) and child died two years ago (2015) and have had to recover from a broken back, neck, sternum, and skull all while sleeping on random floors and couches of my (barely) more fortunate yet impoverished friends. I am a burden on those that already are hit with hard times. While engulfed with tremendous sorrow and grief, I wrestle daily with the fact that my existence makes the lives of other’s harder, lives of friends who deserve better, friends who deserve their privacy in their own homes. Lots of friends have made sacrifices to accommodate this full grown blogging manfant.

I will admit, if by some chance, enough of you read this and donate to make it possible for me to rent a house, even with a roof over my head, it will never be home. I’m not saying that your grant won’t be appreciated beyond words, it’s just that I’ve always felt home was where the heart is, and honestly, without my two ladies (daughter and wife) … there will never be such a  thing as a “home” ever again. By donating or contributing financially to my existence, you are helping to eliminate NEWER suffering and SOME existing woes. Again, I will be grateful for sure, but please don’t be insulted if you don’t see a shiny new me posted up in newer blog posts. All the money in the world can never replace my losses, and I get to live the rest of my days with these haunting and irreplaceable losses.

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I have a lot of friends that money just can’t buy, this is overwhelmingly fuckin true beyond a fathomable doubt, I’d be dead on the streets by now without them, but over the course of two years, even Dalai Lama himself would be burnt out on the constant babying I require to feel the tiniest shred of security. Donating money to a needy human such as myself would help more than just myself when you unveil the bigger crappier picture. You’re helping those that have helped me, you’re passing it along, paying it forward, relieving them guilt free of caring for this injured shell of a man.

Truth be told though, I am at risk of losing friends at this point. With my limited physical abilities,  the 9 to 5 work I used to qualify for, I now don’t have the ability to perform due to my life altering injuries. My friends all know this, and through knowing this, more and more over the course of these two years, tensions have been increasing due to the endless charity. Of course this isn’t your problem, but I’ll tell you, if I lose my friends, I lose a couch or floor and in exchange end up outside in the elements risking hypothermia in the winter, muggings, and endless incarcerations. The war on the homeless is a despicable one, one I’ve always been against, and one I definitely don’t want to become a victim to now that I am indeed without a home.

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I have zero liquid assets as of writing this page and not a penny to my name. I was given a $20.00 PayPal donation from an online friend to buy some food, cigarettes, and beer … I bought this site instead. I consider this a worthy investment in my sanity, a way to vent, mourn, and rage with impunity. If you don’t want to donate to a needy person, maybe consider this an exchange instead, services rendered. My suffering and pouring out of my heart for your entertainment and educational purposes. Perhaps that’s fair enough, a paid for subscription to a reality based blog series consisting of my real life experience and suffering.

My blog, as much tragedy is revealed in my stories, not all my revealed stories, opinions, or reviews will be loathsome, sad, and depressing. Perhaps  you’ll  find my real life stories of tragedy educational though, something to use as knowledge to protect yourself or your loved ones in the future. In that case, this knowledge would be worth something to you, right? Perhaps priceless knowledge if it results in saved lives. If that ended up being the case, a gratuity wouldn’t be such a bad thing at all … not one bit. You’d be making a purchase or investment in knowledge, the same as you’d pay a sum for a tuition within an educational facility.

So if you find my solicitation to donate to a needy person not relevant to your requirements for a someone who is in need, pay me for my time and knowledge instead. PAY ME TO BE ENTERTAINED!

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