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Free Online Advice for Fun

Do you want free advice chat online? Well shit buckaroo,  SUCKEY the SOCK has no life so let him waste it meddling in yours. He’ll give you free advice and counsel regarding love, relationships, sex, career, work, neighbors, food, school, and whatever else you can think of.   Get your answer emailed to you or get a free recorded one on one phone chat along with a comedic video made in honor of your issues. You may need counseling after following the suggestions, but mistakes are what makes life so grand, right? Maybe not … but fuck it!

The advice is free but the therapy needed after following SUCKEY the SOCK’s guidance is gonna cost you millions probably. If you want advice, fill out the contact information in the advice post and he’ll try to make your problems famous online with you anonymous of course. Yes, video (or/and email or/and phone) commentary from a worthless sock, podcast of your pathetic life, and of course a blog post. Can’t get anymore famous than that online.

Comedic Sock Puppet Advice for Serious Issues

Your issues will be addressed and advice will be given via SUCKEY the SOCK. A horribly depressed sock with no life but with plenty of suggestions. See it in video, hear it in PODCAST and read it online. Do you think your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating? Do you think your boss is a prick and want to quit your job? Do you need to make more friends and influence people? Do you want to rule the world with an iron fist and control all of humanity? So do we! Let’s give you some tips!

Free Advice But Wouldn’t Hurt If You Threw In Some Cash Towards a Subscription to This Blog or Something To Help Me Survive

In order to receive advice, SUCKEY the SOCK wants at least $1.00 to handle the biz. If you can’t handle $1.00 – $5.00 for advice, SUCKEY the SOCK is a sucker for poor losers and has plenty of empathy, so you’re in luck. Yes, FREE. You can get it all for free … unfortunately for me. Moneyin exchange for guidance is HIGHLY appreciated though. It helps keep SOCKEY from going onto a homeless man’s foot and getting all stinky, then lost in a bush, then used for firewood for other homeless bums. Maybe SUCKEY the SOCK’s friend (me) needs a drink to forget about this crappy world too. Just think about it, it’d be cool.

Advice On Life

Advice On Life … Taking All Losers for Online Advice Column

Do you need advice on life? Do you find yourself thinking, “I need advice  about a guy” … “I need advice about life” … “I need advice on love” … or just simply “I need advice”? Well shit, it’s your lucky day. Your dilemma is making somebody salivate already. It’s not me, it’s my buddy … a total loser with good advice, or somewhat okay advice. His name is SUCKEY the SOCK, and while some of you pervs may be getting some inappropriate wetness or hardness to his name, this poor bastard is starving to death because he survives off of your problems. You heard that right! SUCKEY needs your problems to survive so that means FREE advice on life, all online!

Advice on Life Has It’s Price But It Won’t Be Cash

Now, I could use some cash for taking care of him. I mean, I protect him from evil moths and smelly feet so I deserve something, right? Anyways … if you want to be a cheap jerk, that’s up to you. I’ll take $1, $5, $10 … but 0$ is an option (sigh). Yes, alas, you can have advice on life for FREE, it’s up to you.

Now, there’s a few rules and things you need to know about advice on life when it comes to coming to SUCKEY the SOCK for help. I don’t feel I should have to explain things about a sock, but then many of you still need to be calmed down about an impending zombie apocalypse, so here’s some important things based on reality I need to share with you.

SUCKEY the SOCK Gives Advice on Life … HE DOESN’T CONTROL IT

  • SUCKEY the SOCK is not a licensed therapist
  • SUCKEY the SOCK is for entertainment purposes
  • SUCKEY the SOCK is foul mouthed so +14 and up only
  • SUCKEY the SOCK is not liable for anything dumb you do
  • SUCKEY the SOCK is not liable for ANYTHING you DO
  • SUCKEY the SOCK Owns ALL RIGHTS to Your Problem
  • SUCKEY the SOCK Does Not Pay You Money for Your Problems
  • SUCKY the SOCK is not for Sensitive People
  • SUCKEY the SOCK is a fuckin SOCK!

Free Advice On Life Online? What Are You Waiting For?

So, are you ready to take advice online from a sock? Has your life come to this? Is life even worth living at this point? That’s up to you to decide at this point, or maybe ask a sock first. Okay, so … whose first? Let’s get this started. Fill out the form below with your question to get advice on love, hate, relationships, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, wives, girlfriends, bosses, school, food, dating, style, work, careers, sex, and socks.

What's your problem?
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