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If you like my stories and want to continue to read them, I will need your help. Every short story needs financial backing to conceive another. The donate to a needy person (me) page keeps this site going and me alive.

Sharing Short Stories to Hopefully Survive, Maybe Even Thrive

Online Story Book

 Read the story of my past and daily life and get my unsolicited views and opinions on current news and world events as well. Also read reviews of everything under the sun such as products, politicians, celebrities, religion, and trends. You will find me trying to shamelessly jump on-board hot topics in a vain but sometimes lucky enough effort to accumulate popularity and views that equate to revenue. You know … cash.

I have to warn you right off the bat before you dig into this site, I AM NOT a professional writer or author. I never graduated high school, shit, I passed kindergarten with D- scores and took the first grade twice! I was heavily drug addicted in my youth as well as rebellious. I am now a homeless father without custody of my 3 remaining children. My youngest 6 year old daughter (fourth child) is now deceased along with her mother who was my decade long lover and soulmate. This site is my attempt to capitalize off of my life-long existence as a failure and tortured soul by sharing my lifelong story.

Some stories in this site are tragic, some are romantic, and some are down right hilarious for those who might have a twisted sense of humor. All the tall tales I write about are true none-the-less. Names & locations have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty alike. Any likeness to anybody you know, including yourself are fully coincidental, and if so … my condolences to you for sure!  

Nonfiction or Fiction? You Decide.

Story Hell is a collection of real life events and adventures that have occurred throughout the course of my life so far as well as a living diary of my thoughts and emotions as I progress through this life. The stories that lie wherein are of the TALL nature. The kind that don’t necessarily make friends due to their outrageous nature and sometimes stranger than fiction outcomes and plots.

My accounts of intrigue are for your entertainment purposes only and are left up for you to decide on their truth. Many people throughout my life have chosen not to believe me (well the ones that don’t know me), so now I bring my memoirs to the public … YOU, my dear reader Fairy-tale fiction or historical nonfiction, whatever you believe, I hope you are entertained. Even more so, I hope you find a way to help support me so I can continue to write and share

Like My Life, This Story Blog Is  a Mess

All of my stories … well, they aren’t exactly going to be chapter to chapter from birth to my middle aged existence. I’m just going to randomly write a new story for you to read as I feel inspired or as I remember my own living history. As well as stories, some days I might just want to express my opinion. I am shooting from the hip here so don’t expect a masterpiece from the NY Times Best Seller List.

I also find myself getting desperately frantic and changing the direction of my posts and pages to try and find some financial gain prematurely. I have been threatened with eviction from the couch I am on for being on my computer the whole time. They think my friend and his wife) that I am using this computer to solely entertain myself and live off of them. I am trying to keep this blog a secret from everyone I know so I can candidly speak about my feelings and tell stories without creating resentments and making enemies from friends. Seems I’m making enemies anyways. Everything sucks.

FOR THE SIGHT IMPAIRED: If you are blind, here is audio transcription. I don’t know how the heck you’re gonna see this to click it, but if that miracle happens … you’re welcome.

My Story Blog Goals Financially

Homeless on CouchUse this blog to watch me grow as a person and also watch me climb the ladder of survival. My current goals have yet to be met. I am currently on a couch (right picture) in my married  friend’s one bedroom cabin still recovering from 9 broken vertebrae after the loss of my family from a car wreck almost 2 years ago. I constantly am posting on Craigslist to try and offer professional business services but competition is so fierce that I’m lucky to get one call in a month. This couch is not good on my back and desperately need to get a place to have a bed to lay flat on.

My current goal is to get out of the hair of my friends by economically moving out. Rent is unbelievably high in this county and rental standards are ridiculous. I am not the only one suffering from the economic epidemic of my community, but am hopeful to get out.

Living in a StepvanOne way to escape the doom is to obtain a vehicle that I can live in without being jailed and fined for sleeping in my vehicle. One trick I want to utilize is using a commercial stepvan as a rolling bedroom, living room, and office where I can safely and comfortably sleep without being obvious as would be with an RV as well as continue to story blog and potentially run other online businesses with satellite/mobile Internet.

The cost for a stepvan used is about $10,000.00 – $20,000.00 not including materials to turn it into a living space inside, gasoline, insurance, and maintenance. I would make this financial goal about $30,000.00 to jump-start the first year of housing. I imagine the cost significantly would drop after the first year due to the van already having been bought. I have bad credit and so this goal is a complete cash goal.

Storage For Family BelongingsAnother goal is to get a mailing address which would cost me $400.00 annually. I would be using the UPS Store so I could have a bank account again. I lost everything from my wreck, including my bank accounts and now need them more than ever to exist. I also need the mailing address so I can get storage which is $3,000.00 annually. The storage would allow me to keep the remaining family artifacts safely in one place. I have my deceased mother, father, grandparents, wife, and daughter’s belongings randomly stored throughout the city at different houses of friends and need to get the stuff put safely into one place. I don’t think I could handle the fact of losing the belongings of the ones I love so dearly. It would kill me more if life isn’t already killing me as it is.

So basically I am currently hoping to get a home (step-van), P.O. BOX, and storage for my families belongings. Monthly bills will also be satellite Internet, cell phone service, coin laundry, food, and toiletries. I hope any of you that have money to spend on charities, can spend some money on my existence. I’d be eternally grateful and would be able to continually share my world with you through stories on online.

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